Family Advocacy

The Family Advocacy Program provides an advocate to work with vulnerable families who have children enrolled in the White County School System. The advocate works closely with the family to help stabilize and familiarize them with resources and supports within the community. The full array of services provided by the Advocate include:

1. Initial Assessments: Assessments can help identify safety concerns, risks and strengths that can lead to the best possible response for the child, caregiver, and family; including, appropriate services and additional resource needs. Based on the results of the assessment, and individualized service plan will be developed that outlines service needs, desired goals and how those goals are to be achieved.
2. Case Management: Effective case management is an ongoing process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, advocates and evaluates the services required to meet the family needs and to achieve their case plan goals in an effective and timely manner. This means we will be in constant communication with our families making sure that their needs are met.
3. Parent Education: We will utilize the STEP parenting curriculum which helps parents learn effective ways to relate to their children from birth through adolescence. By identifying the purposes of their child’s behavior, they will learn how to encourage cooperative behavior in their children and how not to reinforce unacceptable behavior. The classes will take place over the course of 7 weeks.
4. Support Groups: Support groups will be held monthly for caregivers around a topic that the group chooses or that the Advocate deems appropriate. They will last roughly 2 hours and will be provided throughout the year. Families need to know that they are not alone in their struggles and in hopes that this will increase their support system.
5. Enrichment Activities: These families that we’re working with will have the opportunity to participate in three enrichment activities that will be held over the course of the school year (Back to School Bash, White Christmas and Shop with a Cop).
6. Emergency Financial Aid: These families that we’re working with will have the opportunity to receive emergency financial assistance in order to reduce the chance of children being removed due to the caregiver being unable to meet basic needs.
7. Educational Advocacy: We will meet roughly 1x a week with the children in the home to discuss education needs/concerns.
8. Post Service Assessments: This service is provided to determine whether or not services provided to them during their time in our program were beneficial and they demonstrated the proposed results.

If you are in need of services please feel free to contact advocate, Annette Boswell, anytime at 706-865-2315 ext. 1404. If you know a family who could benefit from these services please fill out the following attachment and email to [email protected]